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Hi there, I’m Giovanni Augello and in this page of my travel blog I’ll try to say something about myself. 

  • I was born and raised in Palermo (Italy), where I still live and work;

I’m interested in: 

  • music – I’ve played guitar since I was a child;
  • photography – I’ve taken thousands of photos, slides and digital shots all arond the world;
  • foreign languages – I’ve been collaborating for several years with “Duolingo” as a moderator of Italian and English;
  • reading and writing – I’ve published eight books on different subjects and I’ve reviewed hundreds of tourist attractions, hotels and restaurants on Tripadvisor;
  • science and technology – although I got a Master’s degree in Philosophy and I’m into humanities, I’m also attracted by new scientific developments;
  • travel – at eighteen I backpacked for my first independent trip and since then I’ve never stopped. Over the years I’ve had the privilege of traveling to distant and mysterious lands: from the glaciers of the Arctic Circle to the Great Wall of China, from the Grand Canyon to the Lapland woods, from the Navajo Indians Territory to the rainforest, from the Sahara desert to the Australian Outback. Along the way, I’ve often stopped to listen to people who had something to tell, I’ve had the opportunity to understand things better, to appreciate differences, and at the end of each journey, I’ve always had the feeling of coming back richer than when I left…

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